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Although neighboring dense development in Charlotte, Union County is home to more than over 1100 farms, comprising 44% of the county’s 404,160 acres. The vast majority of this fertile land is found on the eastern half of the county, where high production of soybeans, corn, and wheat, among other crops, dominate the landscape. This stronghold for agriculture is dotted with more than 200 farms producing broiler chickens and turkeys for companies such as Tyson, Pilgrim’s and Circle S Ranch.

In agriculture, agri-business is a generic term applied to the businesses of agriculturally-related production. It encompasses everything from crop production, timber, seed, agri-chemicals, farm machinery and implements, agri-processing, wholesale and distribution of crops, to their marketing and retail sale. With Union County's well-established base of agricultural producers, there is a vast opportunity to capitalize on the agri-business side of economic development, leveraging this rich agricultural base to its full potential.


Local Agri-Business Companies and Support Companies

A.L. Baucom Family Farms

Bakery Feeds

Circle S RanchCarolina Wood Products

Circle S Ranch

Edwards Wood Products                                            

Great American Appetizers

H & H Farms

Latham's Nursery

Parkdale Mills


Simpson's Eggs

Tyson Foods


2014 Union County Agriculture Overview


Source: North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services


Queen's Cup Steeplechase - Last weekend of April, annually

South Charlotte Equine Circuit - Year-Round

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