Areas of Focus


Union County has a strategic advantage for companies within traditional industrial sectors requiring any of the following:

  • Advanced/Precision manufacturing skill-sets and mindsets (e.g. Aerospace)
  • Consolidation to a “lower cost” community for its business units
  • High energy utility demand
  • Labor force comfortable with extreme precision requirements and attention to detail
  • Fiber connectivity
  • Foreign trade zone (FTZ) capabilities
  • Close proximity to the sixth busiest international airport in the world and its primary executive reliever airport

There is an abundance of manufacturers with these needs and skill-set requirements; therefore, the overlap of needs allows the organization to focus on a wide-array of industrial production types, while taking full advantage of the workforce development efforts already in place within Union County and the Charlotte Region.

Union County also has advantages favoring companies from the non-traditional business sectors that can have a great impact on the communities seeking this type of commercial growth. Only certain communities will have the potential of making an impact with these sectors because they provide a unique blend of the following:

  • Access to Interstate
  • Distinct quality of life features
  • Available/developable land
  • Available utilities
  • Proper zoning

Therefore, we are concentrating our recruitment and retention of new capital investment and job creation from four (4) Areas of Focus:

Each of these Areas of Focus can be further defined by the Broad Business Sectors that reside within them. It is among these sectors that the more wide-spectrum marketing efforts will be directed, while the more defined marketing will be derived from Specific Targeted Industries within these sectors.

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